What is the best option for business connectivity? The one that is tailored to your business. We consult on your needs, ensuring you always have the resilience and performance you need to excel.


Fast deployment, responsive service. That is what we offer. At Start Communications, we put you in control of your business data needs. Our experts help you navigate the options, and let you guide us. By understanding your business, your requirements and your budget, we can ensure your connectivity does not hold you back.  

Say goodbye to regular outages, unstable video calls and slow downloads. We will ensure smooth, reliable performance that keeps your business running as you need. However data-hungry your business is, you can rely on Start Communications for resilient, secure connectivity built to keep you at peak performance.  

Cisco Network-wired Ethernet


Also known as a leased line, this is the peak of business connectivity. It works by running a fibre-optic Ethernet cable straight to your business.

It is blazing-fast, reliable and secure, with symmetrical upload and download speeds of up to 10GBps. Your connection is uncontended, making bandwidth more stable and your business more secure.

This type of connection is for data-hungry businesses. This includes large enterprises, but many small businesses too. For instance, if you are regularly transferring very large files, our Ethernet service offers a big speed boost!


Stay connected with Wi-Fi solutions from Start Communications. We provide high-performance, secure, scalable Wi-Fi for full coverage indoors or outdoors. To maximise performance and security, we can also separate in-house and guest networks.

For guests, our portal service can be fully customised with your own branding, to provide guests a secure connections with a professional image. Whatever your needs, we will always tailor to you, prioritising speed, performance and security.

WiFI with Start Communications
IOT SIM Connectivity


The Internet of Things (IoT) is here. Be online anywhere, on any network with a roaming data SIM for Internet of Things devices. A single SIM connects your devices to multiple carriers, giving you seamless connectivity on the go.

Fast Start

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We can provide rapid, high-speed, temporary connectivity to get you up and running until we can deploy something more permanent.

DrayTek Vigor2927ac

Highly Reliable, Secure and Fast Data Connectivity.

Data and connectivity are the lifeblood of modern business. Performance, security and resilience matter – to you, to your customers, and to us. Uptime is business-critical, and we are experts at maximising it for a competitive price.

We will deploy the most appropriate connectivity solution for your business, and ensure your network is fully optimised. Every business is unique, with unique requirements. Your size, sector, structure and location determine your needs. Our specialism is meeting those needs. Only the most secure, robust and reliable option is good enough.

Internet router MX68W


What it is
FTTP (fibre to the premises) is a full-fibre connection. That means that as well as fibre from the exchange to the cabinet, you also get fibre from the cabinet to your business.

Because it is all fibre, FTTP offers greater speed, bandwidth and reliability than FTTC.

Who it is for
SMEs that do not have the biggest data requirements, but still need reliability and speed.


What it is
SoGEA (single order generic Ethernet access) is similar to FTTC, but with no phone line. You can still route VoIP calls through it.

SoGEA offers excellent speeds and reliability. Because it does not come with a phone line, it also offers cost savings.

Who it is for
Smaller businesses looking for futureproof connectivity at a competitive price.


What it is
Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) is a tried-and-trusted wide area network (WAN) solution that allows networking management over multiple sites.

MPLS offers excellent security and privacy, as well as resilience and cost savings.

Who it is for
Multi-site organisations looking for a reliable method of managing their network.

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