Creating the Modern Workplace

More than half of your potential new opportunities will go elsewhere if you can’t deliver the first time. The people fielding customer queries need to be properly empowered to assist.

Driven mainly by advances in capability, consumer behaviour and demands have changed significantly in recent years. They
expect choice, consistency and a seamless service from every business they deal with.

Technology has been instrumental in helping businesses respond, allowing new disruptors to challenge established
vendors. Challengers are forcing businesses to present their customer service abilities upfront, allowing customers to assess
potential suppliers before they commit.

As your customers become more mobile, so too does your workforce. Indeed, travel is a key requirement for your industry. In some cases your most knowledgeable, proficient employees are almost entirely field-based, rarely at a desk with a fixed phone.
Time-poor customers don’t care about these logistical issues. When they call, it’s because they want to speak to someone – and 61% of consumers still prefer to use the phone.

More importantly, they expect to be connected to someone who can answer their questions quickly and effectively,
preferably at the point of asking.

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