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Keeping Your Business Connected in the Coronavirus Era

As businesses plan to go back to normal post lockdown, it is important that saving money, improving efficiency and increasing customer service are right at the top of the agenda.

All businesses need to focus more than ever on their bottom line and the best way to start is by carrying out an audit of your current expenditure. When reviewing business communications, it is important to consider more than just cost, as customer service, resilience and product reliability are equally as important.

Start Communications will carry out a full audit on your business communications reviewing items such as fixed lines, broadband, mobile and service contracts to highlight areas where savings can be made.

Savings of up to 40% can be achieved by switching business line rental services to Start Communications. We provide all PSTN and ISDN products and services.

When switching your business line rental to Start Communications we can provide a saving of up to 90% on the associated call charges. Further call charge savings can be achieved by moving from PSTN and ISDN to SIP and Hosted Telephony.

Consolidate multiple supplier invoices into a single, easy to understand bill with one monthly payment.

Multiple suppliers and contract end dates can cause difficulites when trying to change technologies or suppliers. Start Communications will try to allign all of the contract end dates for a co-terminus agreement.

Our audit reports also include recommendations on how further savings can be achieved, such as utilising different numbers or products, and a tailored roadmap to improve and update technology systems and processes.

With home working increasing hugely in response to COVID-19, you need to be confident you can keep connected with the tools that you staff need to be productive at all times. Many businesses have realised that their current systems are simply not up to task to deliver the efficiency they require and have struggled to adapt them to support remote working.

Here are how our Cloud Hosted Telephony products help with home working:

Our Cloud Hosted Telephony service comes with applications that can work on your mobile phone or desktop. This means as long as you have a good 4G or Wi-Fi connection you can make and receive calls when you are away from the office.

If you have an IP phone, you can take this to a different location and it will work as normal. IP handsets work over the internet so rather than plugging the device into the landline port in your home, so you will need to plug it into your broadband router. To power the phone, you will need a power supply which if you do not have one, we can deliver to you.

You can use these apps to Collaborate by video and screen shares, both within and outside your organisation, to always stay connected to your customers and staff.

Full, user-friendly administration is available which means that you can control your system from anywhere, anytime. No longer do you have to raise change requests with your supplier and wait for an engineer; simply log into the administration portal and make the change you need on the fly.

Whilst working remotely, many businesses find it difficult to monitor what is happening and have many questions such as; how are our staff performing, how productive are they, are our customers reaching us, and are we hitting our SLA’s. Keeping high levels of customer service is critical at all times, but how can this be done when staff are no longer in the office?

Here are how our Cloud Hosted Telephony products help with improving customer service:

Using a single communications platform makes sure that customers reach the departments and teams they require every time. Too often businesses use lots of different system which do not link together and customers can fall between these gaps.

Reporting in real-time on inbound and outbound calls is critical to understanding your customer journey and how you can improve the service they are receiving. It is important to understand wait times, queues, first time resolutions, and lost calls to make changes to the way you work to improve customer service.

By monitoring and reviewing calls you can learn more about the quality of service being provided to customers, review calls from repeater callers, and make sure staff are being high levels of customer service at all times.

It is important to know which of your staff are available to take calls, are online, or are offline on a break or having training. Our solution provides full presence across all users and sites so that teams can be managed to make sure your customers can always reach you.

In summary, there are many communications tools which can help businesses continue to function post COVID-19 lockdown to be as efficient as possible and continue to provide high levels of customer service.

To find out more about how Start Communications can assist with any of your business communication services please call us on 01444 719300 or email